Dragonstone Mill Guild

Now that you visited here, please keep in mind that almost nothing beyond this page has been created. It is a work in progress, seriously.

A Tradition of Mighty, of Quality, carved carefully out of the days of time. The Dragonstone Mill Guild seeks to train and prepare members to ensure the balance of all nature. The lawful are not always good and the chaotic are not always evil. Strength is often found not in the arm that bears the weapon, but in the choice not to bring weapon to bear.

Freedoms and Standards: support and defend yourself, your neighbor, and sometimes your enemy. This settlement offers open minds for any thought, consideration of deed. No griefing, no extremists, no blunt proselytizing. Any sexuality (player and character), any religion, any class. No slaves. Choose your vice so long as any involved person has the right to withdraw at no consequence. Lawlessness is only accepted when necessary for the health (not wealth) of others. The only acceptable drama is RP drama that shuts off like a light switch out of character. Treat all players with courtesy and respectful gamemanship. We operate under a non-aggression pact toward one-another. Cheating and fraud will not be tolerated.

Player goals: strategy, crafting, mastering skills, passing on knowledge; all of these are for the betterment of yourself AND other members. We help those in need. We aim to offer a respected and desired location for trade, hospice, and training (Point of Interest/POI). Mutual PVP is encouraged for training, not bandit looting. Members are expected to be loyal and defend the Guild. Members are expected to represent the Guild with honesty and promote a positive reputation. Guild members should respect alliances and contracts. Unhappy campers should not come to stay.

Current list of preferred settlement hexes, order of preference: A AA AB K J W B E F :: T Z Y AC X H I Q R V S U C D G :: AD P M O N L

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